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Firewatch Review

Firewatch is a first person adventure game that centers around a man named Henry who has taken a job in Shoshone National Forest. Things seem to be going normally until Henry finds some odd things happening in the forest. Play along with the mystery and go through relaxing lows and heart racing highs in this new game from Campo Santo. STORY-LINE
When you first boot up the game, it greets you with a few choices on how you meet and go about life with your lover. This is emotional, and though gameplay wise it is fairly boring, it brings the player closer to the characters and further into the story. After this is done there are a few linear scenes inside of a garage that don't have much for terms of gameplay at all, and really do not need to be there to add to the story. When you get to your tower the game starts to open up after the intro sequence where you meet the other main character named Delilah, another person in a lookout north of your own. She talks to you throughout the game g…

Top 10 Things We Want from an Elder Scrolls 6

With the pending notion that a new Elder Scrolls is coming from Bethesda comes a whole new wave of amazing content. Skyrim was a Game of the Year seller that has sold over 20 million copies to date. That is astounding! Lots of people are just waiting for the next in the series after the slight disappointment that was Zenimax’s Elder Scrolls Online, so here are 10 things that people really want to be in Elder Scrolls 6:

10: A Changing World             So the world of Skyrim is vast and amazing, but not much changes when you complete the main storyline. I have slain the great Alduin and travelled to Sovngarde and dined with the great divines, yet no one can recollect my adventures. I walk around and get treated as a normal person other than people talking about how I can speak with the voice of the dragons. Bandits still approach me like, “Alright, you better back off or you are gonna get it!”. Then I just slay them instantly.             What we want with a changing world is for the repe…