Announcing; "Case Base" || The Best of the Best for PC Building!

     For all you PC builders out there, you will know that the best option is to build your own PC, but there is a huge problem with that; there are so many different types of products that go into a PC from the motherboard to the graphics card, to the cooling. It is so much to think about, plus there is also the problem of having enough money to afford them. That is where Case Base comes in.

     Some gaming PC's that you can get range anywhere from $1200 to $8000, and let me tell you, a $8000 gaming computer is not easy to get! Money isn't everything to think about when talking about a gaming PC though. You should also know how to get the parts working together and how to keep them working. That is what this series is all about!

     The series itself was thought of by me because when I first started to build my own PC, I had no idea what anything was. I didn't even know what PC stood for. I searched online for weeks in order to find all of the information that I needed to even build a basic $500 computer. I then just started to take computers apart and put them back together. My grandfather had a bunch of old computers that were just laying around, so I took them and started to time how fast, and well, I could take them apart and put them back together. Eventually, over the years that I have been working on computers, I have slowly compiled a lot of information on how to properly build one without wasting a bunch of time and money.

     This series will cover from the basics to the most advanced things about building a PC. It will start from the very beginning for those who have no idea where to even start with building a PC. Over time we will get to the advanced things such as cooling and advanced multi-layered building. I hope you guys will like the advice that I give you, and I look forward to helping you to create a mega build just like the one below.

     There will be a new Case Base post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week, and I will still be posting my normal blog post daily. Reviews will come out in their own time, however long it takes me.

Thanks, and I'll see you guys on the first chapter of Case Base, Monday, April 24th, 2017!


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